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We have conducted studies of conventional Dating sites where girls chat and email. Such resources can be registered by everyone, without any control. Let’s start with the fact that most of these sites pay girls money for socializing with men,because they are interested in, and that would just lead a meaningless and endless conversation, There are different tricks to hold men in the correspondence of many months, sometimes even years. During this time, the man just spends a lot of money on correspondence, but the sad fact is, that he gets no result because the girl was just playing the game and earning money, and it was just an ordinary job for her. Even if a man meets a girl in reality, he understands that this is not that person,because the girl is behaving very cold and is not interested in his personality. It is not strange, because many girls did not answer on their own, instead, it was done by their translators, and the girl just received a percentage of the profits. We think this is a very dirty form of income, and we are very sorry for men who have had a similar experience. These men are dozens or even hundreds of thousands. Articles and reviews that prove our words, are a lot on the Internet and you can easily find such with the help of Google. Yes, there are happy stories, but usually this happens very and very rarely.
Magority of girls, on Dating sites, are married, or are in non official relations, or just earn money. Yes,
There are free Dating sites where girls aren’t paid, communication costs no money for men, but these sites are a real waste of time -majority of those girls are not real ! If there are at least some rules on paid sites , and a girl needs to show the document proving the identity, and there are some rules of conducting ,what you will never find on the free sites .Now you can only guess, what a Paradise for speculators you create,visiting and chatting on such sites!. A big amount of men have been deceived, in completely different ways. We don’t want to spoil the reputation of other sites,we just want you to be better informed how to act,if there is a need to find a real love! The purpose of this article is to inform our clients,that our site works just an opposite way!