What includes the tour price
1) Meeting at the airport
2) Accommodation throughout your stay in Ukraine
3) Food, drinks, etc
4) Personal security and interpreter
5) Insurance
6) Photographer and videographer
7) Dates with girls
8) Excursions to various places, visiting the picturesque places of Kiev and Ukraine, tasting of wine and Ukrainian cuisine, and all this is accompanied by the girls you like.
9) Meetings with the girls tet a tet, (romantic dinners by candlelight, trips to the spa salons together, etc
10) You get everything for a great and comfortable interesting pastime.




    The principle of our work is the following. We do not bet on your communication with girls on the Internet. Our goal is a real meeting and real acquaintance. How does this happen? You send us your profile with your data where you describe yourself, your age, your hobby and girl you want to find, attach a few of your photos, after that, we send your application to all our girls that match your search criteria,and
    when we receive a feedback from girls which are interested in you, we send you their photoes and information about them. After you choose the girls which you are interested in,you are welcomed to Ukraine to date with them. Preliminary, if you want to, you can order a video call, to communicate with a girl in a video chat, our interpreter will help you to communicate. After that, you choose the tour that you like the best, and we agree with you the dates and wait for you in Ukraine. By your arrival, everything that includes a tour will be ready, (detailed information about TOURS, SEE IN THE SECTION OF TOURS) After the arrival our team will do all its best to make your stay in Ukraine pleasant and comfortable. You come, you are already waiting for a hotel room, delicious food, and everything that was included in this tour. After you come to Ukraine, your dating with the girls begins. Romantic rendezvous will be planned for you in advance. It will be a surprise for all the girls, they do not know what we are preparing for them. We will do our best to make your meetings, acquaintances and datings romantic and unforgettable. You can also make adjustments in dating, and tell us how you would you like us to do this for you. We will
  • arrange everything! So, make the choise , and take the right decision!
    Good luck!