At the moment there are three main rounds.


What does it include, and how it works?
Group tour takes place approximately once a month-one and a half, sometimes it often depends on how quickly enough people gather to organize this tour.
The number of men needed to organize this tour is 8-10 people.

After a sufficient number of people have been collected, we approve the date of this tour, so that everything would be suitable for everyone. Lets make it, for example, October 30… After you book your plane tickets yourself, or with our help, tell us the time of your arrival to Kiev Airport. We meet you and take you to the hotel, at the end of the day all the men who are taking part in this tour will be at the hotel and for the evening we plan the first closed banquet with a special entertainment program, the girls, whom you had a mutual sympathy with ,will be also invited, thus the first acquaintance and interesting communication takes place. For the couples who have formed, the two will continue to be individual together, for all the others, similar activities and acquaintances with the girls will continue.

None of the participants will be bored, we thought through all the nuances, just trust us. For more details, you can e-mail in those support site.



This tour is designed especially for friends. As practice has shown, very often, a man who is looking for his love has friends with the same desire. This tour is ideal for such people. Tour friends are designed for a company from 2 to 5 people (maybe more, but it needs to be discussed in advance). Here you can meet your company and fly to Ukraine, where an unforgettable adventures will be waiting for you. Everything will be organized specifically and individually for your company. We can individually negotiate your entertainment program and meetings with girls. As our practice shows, everything is impossible to calculate and build an exact plan, there are always interesting circumstances, and that changes, but it makes our tours even more alive and interesting.



If you do not have friends who as well as you want to find their love ,and you dislike noisy companies, or you do not want to wait for a group tour, then this tour is just for you!
Here you will get an individual approach to you and your desires. If you are interested in one or more girls, and you are ready to fly for a date and love adventures

as soon as possible, you just tell us when you are ready to come to Ukraine, buy a ticket, tell us the exact time of your arrival at the airport, all The rest- is our job , a perfectly done job! Believe us, you will not be bored a minute, you will have a busy schedule of romantic dates, excursions and interesting events ,also all the time with you will be your personal English-speaking guide, who will help you with communication. Just trust us, we know our business, everything will be at the highest level.
Friends, no matter which tour you choose, believe us, you will never regret that you made this trip, you will have unforgettable adventures, romantic dates, amazing girls, pleasant acquaintances, new places and, the most important thing- new emotions in your life! It’s like SAFARI, but much more interesting. The main thing is that you get the opportunity to bring home one of the most valuable trophies in your life – your beloved girl. GENERAL INFORMATION AND PRICES FOR TOURS ARE HERE: